Campus Guide: 5 ways Nigerian students prepare for exams

4 ways Nigerian students prepare for exams

Individual student in Nigerian higher institutions have different approach to examination, here are five ways Nigerians student use to prepare for exams

When it comes to preparing for examinations let's give it to Nigerian students. We have amazing approaches to writing examinations.

It is in Naija you'll see a student studying for an exam with his legs in a bucket of water.

Dipping our legs in a bowl or bucket of water is believed to be one of the effective means of casting away the spirits that make us sleep while reading.

In January, a research conducted by a University in the United Kingdom, Brunel University showed that Nigerian student also use alcohol to study for exam. The research reports say the students believe liquor helps to boost their memory.


That is one way to studying for examination in Nigeria as reported by Brunel University, there are other means Nigerian students prepare for exams and here are five of such means.

Overnight study

Studying overnight is a common practice among some Nigerian students. These set of students try their best to deny themselves the comfort of their bed to study all night. Students who prefer to study at night find the use of coffee helpful to stay awake all night. All these students need is a cup of coffee to keep themselves awake and focused.


Organising tutorials is another popular means popular among Nigerian students to prepare for exams. This is sometimes organised by senior students for the junior ones.

And when this is not the case, you'll see a student, who is adjudged to be very brilliant teaching his classmates to refresh their minds on a topic they have been taught.


The tutorial helps students to understand the topic better and often allow the students to ask questions they are unable to ask their lecturers.


Not every student enjoy using the school library but there are students who find the library as the best place to prepare for examinations.


Apart from using the library for revising their studies, the library is the best place for students who like to avoid distractions to prepare for examinations.

Study Group

This involves a group of students who are taking the same course to work together to increase and improve their learning and understanding of the course.


Study groups unlike two tutorials is more of discussion among the students, sharing ideas and what they understand about a subject.

Fire Brigade

The fire brigade approach is very common among students who skip lectures. These students try to gather all material and handouts of the lectures they have missed to study everything few days to exam. This is not a good approach to studying for examination because it is not as effective as other approaches mentioned above.

Source: Pulse Student
Campus Guide: 5 ways Nigerian students prepare for exams

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