Mr. 2Kay: Singer narrates how he begged for his life in exclusive interview with Pulse

Mr 2kay speaks exclusively to Pulse on his robbery incident at Eko Hotel & Suites

Mr 2Kay for the first time grants an exclusive interview to Pulse on his near death experience with dare-devil armed robbers.

Mr 2Kay has recounted his near-death experience in the hands of the armed robbers who attacked and robbed him at Eko Hotel and Suites.

During an exclusive interview with Pulse, Mr 2Kay gave a detailed account of how he was attacked along with his female friend who even fainted in the process.

When asked what really transpired, Mr 2Kay began by explaining how he got to his hotel room after he performed and was planning to go back to watch the remaining part of the show.


"On the 22nd of October after my whole performance, I decided to go to the hotel to change into something so I could come back and watch other performers perform.

While I was going back, it was me and my road manager, then Joel who happens to be Burna boy's manager came to meet my manager and I didn't see it as anything we all walked into my room together and he was trying to have a conversation with me and the kind of questions he was asking I didn't really feel it was necessary for me to answer so I just shifted it away. The three of us were inside my room which was the 8th floor I think it was 804 not really sure about it, can't remember the room but it was on the 8th floor.


"So after that, I got a call from a friend who wanted to say hi to me because she watched the event. They had to excuse me from my room that is my manager and Joel who happened to be Burna boy's road manager. Then I got a call from the reception asking if I was expecting anyone and I said yes, so they granted her access to my room.

"Suddenly I heard a knock and I asked who it was, the person said it was room service and they wanted to come fix something. I was still wearing just my pants. I couldn't see the face of the person clearly because when I checked he was too close to the pigeonhole.

Immediately I opened the door, they forced their way in and told me to go down, it was then it dawned on me what was going on. I struggled a bit with them, then I screamed for my life, I shouted JESUS, that was when they tired my mouth. Then they took my friend to the toilet, at that point she was already shaking, shaking.

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"In my mind, I had already concluded that this was the end of me so what I did was to pray to God and confess my sins and ask for his forgiveness for everything I have done. They kept punching me in my face and kept asking if I knew why this was happening to me, 

"I told them I don't know and they said its because you talk too much. One of them with the gun then insisted that they should just waste me but luckily for me another said I like this guy and told me to be calm. They threw me on the bed and kept on hitting my right eyes over and over and over again. They came without a mask, that's to say these are the last faces you will see before you die. Then they opened the balcony and I thought they were going to throw me from the 8th floor. They asked for my phone which I showed them, then I heard a bang on the door, didn't hear any voice for almost 10 minutes. I know it was the time I screamed JESUS that saved my life.

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"After 10 minutes I noticed everywhere was quiet so I thought to myself to roll over from the duvet which I did but I couldn't see because everywhere was blurry but I noticed that there was nobody in the room. I tried to use my teeth to open the cloth they used in tying my mouth and it worked. Even the clothes they used to tie my legs fell off.

I stood up and managed to open the toilet door with my hands still tied backwards, the moment she heard my name she collapsed and started foaming at the mouth. I thought she was dead. I was able to revive her and after 30 minutes she was able to untie me and was able to get to the reception to alert them about what happened," he said.


When asked if he was satisfied with the way the police have been handling the case. Mr 2Kay expressed his dissatisfaction even though he thinks they have done a lot on the case so far.

"I am not satisfied even though I believe in the police because they've done so much for this case. Even when I spoke to my boss he said he doesn't know who is responsible for this but God will expose that person because I pay my tithes and I'm a good person. I'm not really OK at the moment with the police because I believe they can do better," he said.

The singer also expressed his feelings about Burna Boy and his road manager not appearing on the court documents. "You cant parade four people including Burna boy's manager and on the court documents have his name excluded. They have not given any good reason as to why they did that. At the end, they are making us think something is fishy about this," he told Pulse.


He was also asked if he has spoken with Burna Boy which he revealed that he has actually called him denying being behind the incident and at the same time apologising for what happened.

"Yes, they have tried to get across to us, speaking to people from our families back in Rivers states, people who know us, even people who haven't spoken to us in years. Burna Boy called me with a UK  number. I picked the call and he said it was Burna and he said to me, apologising and denying that he was not the one, apologising, so its a bit funny. I don't feel okay with that.


"If I got a threat from you and then something happens to me like this because on your threat you said I should have the same energy that I have when I meet you or your people and in not too long after two weeks this happens and your manager was part of it, your manager was in my room. I never thought about it that way, I was so angry with the hotel people about how they can be so loose. He has spoken to me saying it didn't know it would go this far, saying it was the manager who took it upon himself," he concluded.


It would be recalled that Mr 2Kay was robbed and beaten to a pulp in his hotel room at Eko Hotel and Suites just after performing at the "Buckwyld 'n' Breathless" concert.

The police took over the investigation and after a while the police  arrested four suspects behind the robbery and assault on Mr 2Kay. Among those who were arrested was the road manager of Burna Boy, Joel.

Source: Pulse Celeb
Mr. 2Kay: Singer narrates how he begged for his life in exclusive interview with Pulse

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