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The fun part of being a student is that you don’t get to suffer alone. You get to meet different people from different backgrounds that will suffer with you.

Education is a necessity, but being a student is a burden. This is a universally accepted fact… atleast by me!

We get to live almost half of
our lives within the four walls of an establishment, from playgroup, to
nursery, to primary/basic education, to secondary, then we spend 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
years in the university.

Even typing all this alone is
stressing me out.

The fun part of being a
student is that you don’t get to suffer alone. You get to meet different people
from different backgrounds that will suffer with you.  

‘’Suffering’’, that’s what I
call being a student, from assignments to impromptu tests, to exams, the
endless cycle is depressing. Like they say, misery loves company. When you see
other people suffering the same thing as you, you’re not happy but then you’re
not that troubled anymore.

It’s like when you fail a
course, then you look for other people who have failed it too. So, it’s not
like you’re the only dull person who wrote the examination or test.

But being a student is cool,
when you are me.

Let me explain, I go by the
name Angie, because Ojoh Aghogho Urowoli is a mouthful and nobody can pronounce
it fully. I mean what’s so hard in saying Aghogho. I’ve been called all sorts
from Angus, Ag, Googlies to Googs.

People! People! It’s Aghogho,

Anyways, I’m currently in my
final year of a 4-year programme in Covenant University, studying Mass
Communication. When every Mass Comm. student hears that phrase, the combination
of those two words, you may not be able to understand the dread in their
hearts, especially if you are a Mass Comm student in the prestigious Covenant

We have been through alot, and
I mean a lot. Why didn’t I just choose a complicated course and be prepared to
even get to the brink of death than think all is cool and it keeps getting
harder and harder. This isn’t what I signed up for, I just wanted to coast
along tertiary education.

Here is how it went from a
coasting mission to battle ground Ota for me. Let’s backtrack a little to my
first day in Covenant University.  I was excited to be away from my
parents after so many years of being with them, I love them but I got too tired
of seeing their faces every single day, don’t we all?

One thing about me is my “low
contending span”.

It’s not a real thing but it’s
what I call it, I get tired of people and things easily, you just can’t impress
me for a long time, I seriously do get tired easily.

Anyways, it was quite hectic
just to get settled down and even after being settled, it was hard to get to
know the individuals I was going to be staying with. This should be fun from
the design in my head.

The next day I got to know the
lecturers and students that I was going to be “suffering” with. Great!

I met several people that day,
but I never really had that “friend”. You know that number one friend that
would be there regardless of any circumstance or trial you face just like the
movies try to paint.

I never really had that friend
till later on but nevertheless I met David, John, Tolu, Marvin and Nonso. They
are in no way related or in a group of any sorts but let’s just say the
sufferings we faced that day alone brought us together.

But as all fake things break
at some point so did my relationship with them. 100 level was a breeze. We went
from one orientation to the other. I mean real breezy right?

Here is what happened in that
first year, Later my relationship with David became a little stronger when he
introduced me to Chioma. Chioma became my best friend that year, FINALLY! The
partner in crime, the ride or die bitch, you know? Stuff like that.

We were inseparable, we were
like bread and butter, forgive my comparison. We were not course mates but we
were life mates, there is something bigger going on here but there was a snag,
suddenly my relationship with people died.

I started distancing myself
from everyone and everything and I really didn’t know why. It was hard to explain.

I just felt lonely even with a
lot of people around me, so what’s the use of having people around when they
really didn’t make me feel any different? Perhaps, it is a phase people go
through? The student life thing kept going.

School was really good to me
then; cue in the suffering; we had several projects upon projects upon project
and then, there was our level adviser.

She was an “angel”. Seriously
I had no problem with her though but, “the internet has eyes”.

We basically became almost
like zombies, I meant just me, and it was from class, to the church, then my
hostel then class the next day, pretty much nothing other than that boring

The people around me thought I
needed a life, but I had movies, books, popcorn, food, Wi-Fi and a lot more,
who needed a life?

I was content, “happy” and
when I saw my result that year, I was blessed and decided to live that way.

But there came 200 level, the
brink of where my troubles began, seriously, being a student in this century
isn’t easy but then we have parents who say it’s easy no matter who you are or
what time you are. Not like I have lived in any other century but hey!

My story has only just began,
I have to relive those glory days again, tell you about my ‘school family’, my
almost boyfriends, my tears, my pain, my happiness, my laughter, and

It’s what every student faces
every single day, from my view and that of others.

But I leave you with this few
philosophical words:

Life is an array of emotions

Happiness can last a lifetime
if you wish it to

You must however see the
silver lining in the clouds

And wait for the sun after the

Cause bad times means there is
a possibility of good times

So we as students need to learn

And learning is a process

We all undertake every day.

So till the next time when I
can type again, ciao adios!

Source: Pulse Student
Student Life: SufferHead Plc [Episode 1]

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